21 okt
ESN Tartu Karaoke Vol.2
Can’t sing with all your expression in the dorm?
🎤Then our karaoke is your dream!🎤
Don’t be shy. Choose your favorite songs and come here! At the karaoke, everyone is a star🌟
Sing for yourself, for others, and with them! Pop music from 80-s, heavy metal, indie, hip-hop: we accept anything and anyone with any skills! And Tartu will be your best stage with an audience full of friends!
What? ESN Tartu Karaoke Vol.2
When? Thursday, 21 of October, 8:30 PM
Where? Genialistide klubi / Magasini 5
How? With shine of your inner singer
How much? FREE
CONTACT: Çingiz Paşa (fb)/