14 mai
Heterosõbralik vikerpidu Genialistide Klubi kahel korrusel!
Puldis: DJ Homokringel, SANTI, Sorr & Alan Raig
Lounge ekraanil Eurovision
🇬🇧Hetero-friendly 🌈 queer-party 🥳 in two halls of Genialistide Klubi!

DJ Homokringel aka Heterokringel aka Anette Mäletjärv is cringe but free. Get ready for very queer remixes of well-known songs, as well as some surprises and shazam-worthy pearls.

SANTI is a Tallinn-based Brazilian DJ known for his bassy sounds and loud tunes. Expect a lot of pop classics, dance tracks, from house to breaks and many things in between.

Sorr believes that we should avoid taking ourselves too seriously. You’ll hear his bubblegum bass favorites, a few good modern clinks and clanks, immaterialism all night, old trance bangers and if you bring the energy, he brings the harrrrd techno