07 okt
Dance recipe
What’s uppp people of Tartu🖐️
This time on the booth Adil and Rajab and we’re willing to bring all the heat to the dance floor🥵
We’ve perfected the recipe of the all-time playlist and are about to share it with you, take notes:
A tablespoon of techno and house music mixed with spicy dance hits in combination with songs that’ll take you back to the good old times and make you want to buy a pager. Of course, we don’t forget to add a pinch of reggaeton, and a tiny bit of hip hop and mix everything well🎶👽
Cook for 5 hours from 22:00 – 03:00 and don’t forget to have yourself a drink in a meantime 😉🍷🍻
To see the final result catch us in Möku on October 7th, from 22:15 to 03:00🦍🦉
For more info dm us on instagram: