08 juuli
Delirium Redemption x Internet Cafe
We will bring all the shenanigans (and more) from our Svetas pop-up exhibition to the one and only Gen club!!! “Everything is so nonsensical that it starts to make sense, hence- ✨Delirium✨
📌 Qrotesque colorful paintings, wacky decorations and other strange visual arts made by Monarda Lemmre and jANE.
📵 Party on two floors, amazing Internet Cafe on the first and brain scrambling weirdos with arrogant artwork on the second.
Internet Cafe DJs:
💫 White Gloss (ADHD)
☠️ moenarr (puldi piinamine)
💡 vaatab jooksvalt (vaatab jooksvalt)
Delirium DJs:
🌒 kÕngÕrÕ (dark psy)
🍄 HeavySavu (forest psy)
🥁 Dialective (neurofunk dnb)
⚙️ FlyBry (hard techno)
💥 On the second floor you will find a video installation about what it feels like to be in delirious state. 🔞 Starring no other than our local whore Helgi Saldo eating mushrooms out of Nasty Pedestrians ass! 🔞
⚠️At one point there will be a flash mob type performance so be on time!!!⚠️
💸 Entry: 10€ 💸
All proceeds go to support the artists of the event.