27 veebr
English Comedy Night: Invasion Tartu
Comedy Estonia presents an English-speaking stand-up show, for one and all, full of rib-tickling and tomfoolery.
The show is sure to put your English listening skills to the test, as we throw an Estonian lawyer, a chavy Welshmun, and an American (sorry) into the fray.
A trio of comedians armed with material from black comedy to political commentary will storm the stage, starting with:
James Humphreys (WAL);
Caleb Brunick (US); and
Aleksandr Popov (EST).
James Humphreys:
Welshman – British, get over it – on the lam from Brexit and roughing it in Estonia. Dark humorist unafraid to poke fun at death, depression, and alcoholism (aka, Estonians). He’s done a TEDx, but that literally means nothing.
Caleb Brunick:
A ‘Murican bleeding red, white and blue not really sure why he is in Estonia, but he is. He is best being described as edgy, but if edgy had gone to private school. Caleb has no problem being ruthless with his jokes, and if you think that is the furthest it can go, do not hold your breath, the joke won’t definitely stop there.
Aleksandr Popov:
Estonian who comes straight outta the Soviet Union. Sarcastic undertones of his take on the society and darkish observationalism are tied to the core of his upbringing as a bilingual teen grasping at connections on both sides of Slavonic and Finno-Hungaric ancestry. Bouncer turned educator who still keeps his feet real close to the street and uses his unorthodox “bag of tricks” to get his students to follow the word.
“Invasion” English Comedy Night
The show is 2 hours with an interval
The English Comedy Night is presented entirely in English.
Venue: Genialistide klubi Tartu
Doors: 18:00
Showtime 18:30 with a break
Show end: 20:30
Tickets: 5€ cash at the door