16 märts
ESN Tartu Azerbaijani National Evening

If you lived in Tartu for more than 2 months, then you must have meet at least one Azerbaijani already (we are a big community here). But how much do you really know about Azerbaijan? Did you know that Azerbaijan is called “The land of Fire”? (We actually have a mountain that burns non-stop). If you would you like to know more about Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis, this event is just for you. Join us for the Azerbaijani National Evening on March 16th at Genialistide club at 7pm! During the event, you will have a chance to know more about Azerbaijani people, taste the delicious national food, and learn the folk dance. You can also expect a special show and celebration party for the upcoming Novruz Holiday. Come yourself and bring a friend as well!
Azerbaijani National Evening Program:
*General information about the country
*National foods and drinks
*National Music and Dance

Also, since the Novruz Holiday is around the corner, we will celebrate and welcome spring according to our culture. The main point of this Holiday is to celebrate the coming of the Spring, which says that everything’s new and fresh, Mother Nature wakes up and everything flourishes. Don’t miss an opportunity to explore for yourself our kind of world- Azerbaijan in this event. There will be lots of interesting national food, music, games, dancing, and prizes for the best dancers!

Menu is out! See pictures in the comments

1. Qaralı aş (rice with delicious national additions)
2. Dolma
3. Qutab (3 types – meat qutab, cheese qutab, and herb qutab)
4. Pakhlava

WHAT: ESN Tartu Azerbaijani National Evening
WHEN: 16.03.2019 at 7:00 till 00:00
WHERE: Genialistide klubi / Magasini 5
PRICE : 3 Eur with ESN card/ 4 Eur without the ESN card
CONTACT: Gulnaz Mammadli (FB),