17 sept
ESN Tartu Estonian National Evening

Did you know that Estonians invented Skype and they are the least religious people in the world? Are you wondering what Estonians are like behind closed doors? If you would like to know more about Estonians and this beautiful country, this event is just for you.

We welcome you at Genklubi at 9 pm!🤗

The evening would start off with the presentation introducing you to the Estonian culture, describing all the hidden aspects of it you wouldn’t normally hear or find.🤭
Afterwards, you have a chance to test your general knowledge of Estonia or would it require more than just the general knowledge??🧐🤔

Join us if you are ready for an interesting and engaging challenge😈🔥

Still wondering why you should bother coming?
Well, guess what, the winners of the challenge would be rewarded accordingly🎁🎖️ and would definitely not regret it😎

Songs can tell us a lot about the cultural aspects of certain nations and help us create emotional bonds with the culture😌 and even though the Estonian language is considered to be a hard one to learn (can confirm that)😢, no need to worry🎊
To increase our dopamine levels📈💥 we have prepared a couple of beautiful estonian songs🎼, which you can sing along to easily with others👩‍🎤👨‍🎤 and just enjoy yourself🌞

The tickets will be sold right on the spot itself, that’s why you should join us earlier so that you wouldn’t miss the chance😉 But don’t forget to register for the event📌📍

NOTE: Please come wearing masks
ESN members will check your temperature on the spot. No stress,let’s just stay safe and healthy🌸