03 mai
21:00 - 01:00
ESN Tartu JAM Session

There is only thing that can make your spring nights

🎼Jam Session🥁

This May. ESN Tartu encourages you to take your ease in surrounding of good vibes of live music.

• 7 unique performers 🎷
• 7 authentic styles 🎙
• 7 ways to feel the flavor of music! 🎧

🎵There are no limits to music – it celebrates diversity and unites every heart that beats to the tune.🎶

Let’s altogether move in time to music and let it cover us with positive vibes of love, happiness, and excitement!

3rd May – it’s worth coming to immerse in jamming atmosphere
ofjoy and pleasure

We are waiting for everyone: for our connoisseurs of music who
will relish listening, or music virtuosos that will rock the crowd
with their marvelous songs and covers!

Let‘s jam! ❤🤟

Tickets are available on spot!
HOW MUCH 💵: 6 euros/ 4 euros for students
CONTACT 📲: Nick Dunayskyy (FB) /