24 veebr
ESN Tartu Karaoke

Do you want to show off your singing skills? Or just to have a fun night with your friends? Well, here is your chance!
Bring your friends, choose your favourite songs and get ready to sing your heart out at the ESN Tartu karaoke night. Doesn’t matter if you’re not that good at singing. What matters is that you’re good at having fun!
Get ready to have an unforgettable time and maybe even become the new superstar of Tartu
Register your song on the spot.
WHAT: ESN Tartu Karaoke
WHEN: Thursday, 24th of February, 19:30
WHERE: Genialistide klubi / Magasini 5
HOW MUCH: Completely FREE
CCONTACT: Balázs Ágrez (Fb) /