14 nov
ESN Tartu Philosophical Games Night
Philosophy and games? Isn’t philosophy something complicated, tiring, and depressing? 😵‍💫 Well, it does not need to be like that. On 14th of November, we will have some fun together, using our reasoning. No philosophy, logic, science, etc. background is needed.🥳 In these games there will be no winners or losers. We will think of very interesting cases, and talk about them.
Don’t hesitate, and come! If you don’t enjoy, you can always punch me 👊 and leave the event 🙂
What? Philosophical Games Night
When? Monday, 14th of November, 8 PM
Where? Genialistide Klubi (2nd floor of Möku)
How much? Free 🖤
Contact: Chingiz Pasha(fb)