26 sept
ESN Tartu Quiz Night
Üritus kuulub Tartu Tudengipäevad: Sügis 2022 kavva. Vaata lähemalt
The event is part of the Tartu Student Days: Autumn 2022 festival. For more information go to
As the school year starts and everyone is figuring out their courses and exploring the city, It’s time to experience one of the most crucial part of student life – socializing. Do not forget to mark red on the calendar from the 26th to the 30th of September and attend the Students day event. The event has a lot to offer so you can adventure and find someone to mingle with. ESN is making their own contribution with the Quiz Night! It’s a great opportunity to meet people with not only the same interests but with the same point of view. There will be 3 rounds with 10 quizzes on topis such as music, movie, traditions, geography etc. The Quiz will be taking place at the Gen club, at 20:00.
Venue: Gen club
Time: 8pm
Fee: 5 euros per team
If you are interested please fill in the following form by the 24.09
In case of any questions please email: