23 märts
ESN Tartu Ukrainian Cultural Evening
In these hard times, ESN Tartu invites you to come to the Ukrainian Cultural Evening 🇺🇦 to embrace yourself in the culture of Ukraine and its beauty.
You have probably noticed how many Ukrainians 😄are in Tartu. Your neighbour, groupmate, acquaintance, friend, or partner? But what do you really know about the culture of this historically rich country?
Come to the Ukrainian Cultural Evening to learn even more about this great nation and to experience the Ukrainian atmosphere !
Maybe you want to know what is borshch, horilka and what palyanytsia 🤔 actually is?
Then join us at our Ukrainian cultural evening on 23rd of March at 19:30.
All the money from ticket sales will be directed to help civilian people of Ukraine
You can get your ticket during Office Hours or right at the spot.
WHAT: ESN Tartu Ukrainian Cultural Evening
WHEN: 23rd of March 19:30
WHERE: Genialistide Klubi
CONTACT: Sofia Manaeva (fb) /