02 sept
HUNGR Takeover! Back to School Rave!
Hellooo hungry hungry Tartu kiddos!
It’s time for Tallinn’s fresh top queer club to spread their wings and come sprinkle our spicy tasty goodness to Tartu!
Since it’s also very conveniently beginning of the new fall season then we will be taking advantage with an easy but fun theme that just can’t be denied: it’s time for a BACK TO SCHOOL RAVE 🤓🌈😈
(strongly) suggested dresscode: SCHOOL
*however u wanna interpret… schoolgirl/boy/person…teacher realness… look-mom-imma-textbook realness… sexy librarian… and anything in-between
NB! Special Prize for BEST DRESSED GUEST!
And damn do we have a line-up for you!
2 floors full of exciting music and visual drag entertainment by all our bffs!!
Yallah (dj)
Kxster (dj + live)
Mxnnx (dj)
Haake (dj)
Gohara (dj)
Fake Versace (dj)
Valley Attorney (dj)
Helgi Saldo (drag)
Nasty Nikita Pedestrian (drag)
doors::: 22.00
ticket::: *7€ / 10€
*7€ ONLY with facebook event attending!
list closes same day at 5PM!
HUNGR is a striving safer space! And we are bringing our safer energy to Tartu too!
We want HUNGR to be a place where not only the artists and staff make it a safer space, but also everyone who comes there as well. Our mission is to educate and effect change in society from the inside out.
That being said, we will absolutely not tolerate: homophobia, sexism, racism, ableism, queerphobia, transphobia, body shaming, unwanted touching.
If at any point you feel uncomfortable and/or harassed or see something like that happening, please don’t hesitate telling someone from the bar/door/security staff or event hosts.
Keep in mind that our security guards are lovely people who are there to keep you safe!
No stairs on entry or to the toilets, but the space is quite small (not great for wheelchair accessibility)
Please pay attention that the events will have loud music and intense lighting.
HUNGR reserves the right to deny and/or revoke access to anyone who appears be a risk t