06 aug
Macajey + Riho Kall + Dizlerim Küpsis
Dizlerim Küpsis – 19:00
Underground Forest – 20:00
Macajey – 21:00
Macajey is the brainchild of Jeremy Macachor, a singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. His music has been described as organic, uplifting psychedelic and shoe-gazey with emotional ranges from energetic, feel-good dance tracks to transcendental, sonic meditations. The music is infused with the landscape tones of his two home bases; the dry mirage laden heat of California summers and the dim lit winters of Estonia.
The main ingredients in Underground Forest’s music are original songs, that sometimes borrow traditional elements from Estonia. Another time again they are accompanied by experimental electronic and field recording layers. Often however all that is left from original full length songs are looping guitar riffs that by the artist are transformed into dub-like soundscapes in real time. At the current concert you will hear more singing and accoustic guitar playing with reverb.
Mert Salkim lives in Tartu and makes sounds under the name Dizlerim Küpsis. His work extends across genres of ambient music and downtempo electronica, with occasional hints of jazz, musique concrète, micro sound, breakbeat, and field recordings. Or you can just say he records stuff and manipulates them on the computer.