23 nov
Movie Night Tartu: Duty of Care

Eesti Rohelise Liikumise filmiõhtu. Film on inglisekeelne.
Join us this 23 November for a FREE movie night with snacks to watch the Green Horizons Award winning documentary, ‘Duty of Care; The Climate Trials’ directed by Nic Balthazar. Duty of Care tells the exclusive inside story of Roger Cox, the Dutch lawyer who initiated the groundbreaking climate trials against the government and the oil and gas giant Shell. These two landmark rulings set a precedent that allows for the prosecution of all those in power who fail to adequately protect their citizens from climate change. 

After the film, we will discuss together the European Union’s Corporate Accountability and Due Diligence Directive, which aims to ensure that large European companies operate in a way that respects human rights and is environmentally responsible at every stage of the supply chain.

To what extent can or should the state interfere in the activities of private companies, and does it have any impact at all? Come and share your views!

The whole event will be in English. The duration of the movie is 56 minutes.