26 aug
NEON BLACK is a new queer event series that takes a step out of the mainstream.
Are you tired of the current Barbie-mania corrupting the souls of most mortals? Did you listen to Kate Bush before Stranger Things season 4? Spread your leathery wings and channel all that weird inner darkness at NEON BLACK.
Come as you are but stay for the two alternative dance floors with sexy synths and dark beats. We’ll conjure the dancer out of you yet!
Even the drag performances taking place will come with a darker vibe than the usual – no pesky pop ballads here.
There are still a few surprises to come, so click “going” to be notified when that info drops.
And last but not least, the dresscode: goth, obviously. Leave that flowery summer dress at home.
Drag performances by:
✚ Ms. Elsa
✚ Delfi Oraakel
✚ Major Danger
✚ Miss Tiina Biscuit
Dancefloors filled by:
✚ Tamhiis (BFTV)
✚ Cly/Suva (BFTV)
✚ Darth Typo (Bat Sounds)
✚ Le Petit Chat (Bat Sounds)
✚ Naked Reagan (Bat Sounds)
7€ going/10€ doors