03 mai
RSR Presents Iverson Ng: Is Hong Kong’s End of Autonomy Inevitable?
On 8th May 2022, the 6th Hong Kong Chief Executive Election will take place as a one-horse race under the new ‘patriots-only’ election system imposed by the Chinese Communist Party.
Following the six-month 2019 anti-extradition protests and the 2020 National Security Law in Hong Kong, Beijing imposed a Hong Kong election overhaul in 2021, ensuring a significant number of Chinese Communist Party’s members could dominate the Chief Executive and Legislative Council elections.
In a few weeks, it is expected that the 1,462-strong election committee will formally elect John Lee, the city’s former Chief Secretary and Security to lead the Special Administrative Region. While Hong Kong diaspora around the world continue to fight for Hong Kong’s future, Hongkongers living in Hong Kong struggle to make their voices heard by the international community.
Can Hong Kong still survive for 25 more years before being fully assimilated by the Chinese Communist Party in 2047?