15 veebr
RSRis Alevtina Solovyeva, Peeter Vähi: choices and challenges of contemporary Mongolia
The land of eternal blue sky and golden earth: post-socialist livelihood, choices and challenges of contemporary Mongolia.
The lecture will address a bit of everything – history, politics, society, religions, traditional and modern cultures, international relations.
Peeter Vähi will also speak a bit about Mongolia from the perspective of a traveller from Estonia and show a fragment of his documentary movie from the visit in 2018.
Alevtina Solovyeva received a Candidate of Sciences degree (equivalent to PhD) in Philology, specialized in Asian Literature, at the Russian Academy of Sciences (dissertation: “New forms of demonological narrative in contemporary Mongolia”).
She has studied Historical Anthropology, Folkloristics, and Orient studies (Sinology and Mongolian studies) at the Russian State University for the Humanities (Moscow), National University of Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), University of Bonn, and University of Tartu.
From 2007 Alevtina Solovyeva has been visiting Mongolia and China, conducting a number of projects based on fieldwork research in various parts of the respective regions, investigating mythology, rural and urban folk traditions, vernacular religion and other topics concerning the life and culture of contemporary communities of Mongolia and China.
Peeter Vähi is an Estonian composer and one of the creators of the documentary “Visiting Genghis Khan”. His music has been characterized as an union of European and Oriental culture, of new and old, and of acoustic and electronic.
Wearing a mask in the lecture is mandatory. Please make sure that in addition to your ID you have necessary certificate.