23 nov
RSRis Daniele Monticelli: 21th century Italy as an international political laboratory
taly has been a democratic republic since 1946, but in recent years the country has been characterized as a flawed democracy. On average their coalitions stays together for one year. Corruption has been a key marker to understand Italian politics and economic downfall.
The rise of populism in Europe has also affected Italy. The Five Star Movement is a right-wing political party that has gained much power in recent years.
Where does this tendency for populism stem from in Italy? Can the roots of populism be traced down to the era of notorious prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. What has been going on in Italy for the last 25 years and how does this impact other countries?
Daniele Monticelli was born and raised in Italy. Now he is a professor in Tallinn University in Semiotics and Translation Studies. He also teaches Italian Contemporary Society and Culture in TLU. Other than that his areas of research cover many topics from linguistics, philosophy to literature.
Wearing a mask in the lecture is mandatory. Please make sure that in addition to your ID you have necessary certificate.
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