30 aug
20:30 - 22:00
Suvila LIVE: After The Waves Have Washed Me Away (ATWHWMA)

After The Waves Have Washed Me Away (ATWHWMA) on neljaliikmeline instrumentaalmuusika ansambel Tallinnast. ATWHWMA on cinema-rock/post-rock bänd mille muusikat iseloomustavad kontseptuaalsed teemad, emotsionaalne mitmekülgsus ning filmilaadne atmosfäär. ATWHWMA asutati 2010. aastal inspireerituna post-rocki žanri suurkujudest ning soovist mängida instrumentaalmuusikat. 2010. aasta sügisel läksid bändiliikmete teed lahku. 8 aastat hiljem tuldi taas kokku, et minna edasi sealt, kus ühise muusika loomine viimati pooleli jäi. 2018. aasta detsembris avaldati oma debüüt-EP „There Was No Light at the End of the Tunnel“. Hetkel käivad ettevalmistused uue EP salvestamiseks. After The Waves Have Washed Me Away astub Tartus üles esmakordselt.


After the Waves Have Washed Me Away (ATWHWMA) is a four-piece instrumental group from Tallinn, Estonia. ATWHWMA can be best described as a cinematic-rock/post-rock band with conceptual themes, often movielike atmosphere and emotionally diverse music. In December 2018 ATWHWMA released their debut EP There Was No Light at the End of the Tunnel, the band is currently working on new material.
The group was formed in 2010 by like-minded musicians inspired by the post-rock genre and looking to play instrumental music together. The band had several concerts in a short time span which included being the warm up act for the German band The Ocean. ATWHWMA also competed in a local upcoming band competition which they won first place and were awarded a spot to play at the Schilling music festival that year. The band went on hiatus at the end of 2010 only to reunite 8 years later to pick up where it once left off.