07 juuli
TIMBER RATTLE is a roving, revolving and ongoing music project that continues to explore the connections between primordial sound, landscape, and the musics that have derived from our relationships to space and place throughout time. This contemplation manifests in a kind of “pyche-pastoral”, a music both spatially vast and intimately inward-looking, and which seeks to create a celebratory and reflective environment that shares it’s borders with nature and silence.
While never straying too far from the mountain-hymns that are at its roots, the songwriting – which simultaneously embodies and considers its own history and
geography – is yet suffused with a vocabulary of drone and sound-experimentation. An intuitive exploration of palette, pattern, and scale is the softly shifting foundation
for arcane texts and vocals, which inhere as sound and instrument in the sonic celebration of the meeting and interfolding of land and bodies, animals and plants, language, magic, life and death.
The latest incarnation of TIMBER RATTLE is an all-acoustic quartet, who in summer
of 2022 will embark on a european tour, offering an intimate and unamplified version
of the project played on guitar, harmonium, violin and drum.