06 juuli
15:00 - 16:30
Tootmiskoondis “Impro”

“Tootmiskoondis “Impro”” is a new, occasional concert series of freely improvised music. It is organized by Roomet Jakapi and Jaanus Siniväli.

The first concert in the series features:

Moritz Cartheuser (guitar)
Otzir Godot (drums)
Indrek Palu (violin)
Jaanus Siniväli (double bass)
Roomet Jakapi (vocals)

The event is free.

Guitarist and improviser Moritz Cartheuser (GER, FI) bases his music on its potential to interact in terms of dialogue and monologue with the audience as well as with cooperators. His experimental approach to his own instruments and music itself allows him to play with a wide variety of sounds. Moritz Cartheuser studied at Jazz-Institut-Berlin with such great musicians as Kurt Rosenwinkel and John Hollenbeck. He worked as a musician and composer in several projects of different genres, including dance, theatre and film. Collaborators have been and are e.g. Giorgio Convertito, Cris af Enehielm, Ismo-Pekka Heikinkeimo and Mikko Innanen as well as associations within the finnish arts field such as Sivuvalo ry, Korvat Auki ry, Pand ry and Catalysti ry, where he has been also active as a board member.

References: World Design Capital 2012, Jazzfestival Würzburg, Flow Festival, Stimmenfang Jazzfestival, Ini-Art Festival, Leverkusener Jazztage, Runokuu, Musica Nova Helsinki, AAVE Festival a.o.

Drum-poet Otzir Godot (FI) is classically trained drummer & percussionist specialised in improvising. He has been involved in solo projects and working with modern dance artists, and in different rock -, freejazz – and avantgarde music groups. Solo albums: Texthead (2018), Caves to Sun (2016), In- (2015), Drum poems (2011), Kas Kas (2009).

Indrek Palu (EST) is a composer and an improviser with a background in jazz violin who has for more than 10 years concentrated on the electric violin and its possibilities and has continuously increased the percentage of live electronics in his creation and improvisational performances.

Jaanus Siniväli (EST) is creator of contemporary multidisciplinary pieces, double bass player and electronic musician. He is active in playing contemporary music and free improvisation. His main performance setups include double bass, DIY based modular synthesizer and double bass with foot controllable modular synthesizer.

Roomet Jakapi (EST) is an avant-garde vocalist and improviser. He has performed with Emilio Gordoa, Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, Chris Pitsiokos, Fred Frith, Jerzy Mazzoll, Sławek Janicki, Taavi Kerikmäe, Mart Soo, Laura Põldvere, Ivi Rausi, Theodore Parker, Niels Præstholm and many other excellent improvising musicians. He is a founding member of the bands Kreatiivmootor and Punkt Nihu. Since 2011, he has played live in the Baltics, Scandinavia, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Russia, and the UK. As a solo artist and collaborator, he has released music on the labels Art First Records (Finland), Powdered Hearts Records (USA), and Improtest Records (Estonia). He has worked with several composers, poets, dancers and visual artists. He is also Associate Professor of History of Philosophy at the University of Tartu.