26 okt
Vandals goes Bananas

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Monster Energy Music, Damn.Loud Agency and Vandals series proudly present:

This year Vandals is going completely BANANAS! 🍌
Join us as we celebrate the 6th edition of the madness. 🤪
Siamese’s first shows in Estonia!

Siamese 🇩🇰(DK)

SIAMESE are ready with the brand new LP “Super Human” after their successful musical bastard “Shameless”, which flawlessly mixed R’n’B and metal core and was widely acclaimed by the press. The album made the band known outside the borders of Denmark, reaching more than 8 million streams and having sold out shows in Japan, UK and Germany.

With “Super Human” the band is picking up where they left us in 2017, with their blockbuster songs showcasing their trademark choruses, no nonsense compositions, and the cheekiness to make it any elitists guilty pleasure. If you were a fan of the “Shameless” album, and the SIAMESE universe in general, you will not feel let down, but do expect to bang your head a bit harder than you are used to, as the new stuff is heavier. Guitarist and songwriter Andreas Krüger explains: “I’m not ashamed to say that a lot of the pop and R’n’B music that was huge between 1998-2005 was the main inspiration on the “Super Human” album. It’s a interesting mix of influences that drove us to write these songs. We had a desire to explore a more heavy sound, while following a classic Max Martin vocal construction. I hope the result speaks volumes”.

Horror Dance Squad 🇪🇪(EE, Tallinn)

Horror Dance Squad is the brightest star in Estonian modern metal scene. The band, known for evolving impromptu riffs into intricately orchestrated anthems, merges unorthodox influences of metal, pop, and electronic rock. Horror Dance Squad pushes the limits of collaboration to create a trademark style. They are especially known for their explosive stage presence and while band is focusing currently on writing new material, Von Krahl will be one of the only options near future to see them live.

Countless Goodbyes 🇫🇮(FI)

Countless Goodbyes released their debut album “Cycles” on 19.04.2019. It went straight to second most sold physical sold album in Finland the very same week.
“Cycles” bring something new and different to the lovers of metal while incorporating arena captivating melodies, heavy riffs and catchy hooks. Countless Goodbyes has shared stage with such metalcore legends as Asking Alexandria and August Burns Red.

bloodfeather 🇪🇪(EE, Tartu)

Band from Tartu, Estonia, that mixes rock and metal genres – a cocktail that leaves blood in your mouth and feathers in the air.

Doors 20:00
Ticket 10€ / cash