16 sept
ESN Tartu Estonian Cultural Evening
Tere tulemast Eestisse!
You have arrived in the city of good thoughts, Tartu. Maybe you have been here for a week or already a month, hence this event is the best opportunity to get Estonia closer to you! 🇪🇪
Did you know that Estonians invented Skype and they are the least religious people in the world? Are you wondering what traditions Estonia has? If you would like to know more about Estonians and this beautiful country, this event is just for you.
We welcome you to GenKlubi at 8 pm! 🤗
The evening would start off with a presentation introducing you to the Estonian culture, describing hidden aspects of it you normally don’t hear or find. 🤭
Afterwards, you have a chance to test your general knowledge of Estonia or would it require more than just the general knowledge?? 🧐🤔
Join us if you are ready for an interesting and engaging challenge 😈🔥
Still wondering why you should bother coming?
Well, guess what, the winners of the challenge would be rewarded accordingly🎁 and would definitely not regret it😎
There will be a dance performance as well and you get the chance to learn some basic movements! 💃🏼🕺🏼
The tickets will be sold right on the spot itself, that’s why you should join us earlier so that you wouldn’t miss the chance😉
Don’t forget to register for the event as we should know how much food to prepare!! 😏📌
🤔WHAT: ESN Tartu Estonian Cultural Evening
📅WHEN: 16.09.2021 at 20:00
🏛️WHERE: Genialistide klubi / Magasini 5
💲HOW MUCH: 2€ with ESNcard/ 3€ without ESNcard
❓QUESTIONS: Balázs Ágrez (Fb)/