03 okt
ESN Tartu Estonian Cultural Evening
Tere tulemast Eestisse!
You’ve arrived in the city of good thoughts 💡, Tartu. Maybe you’ve already seen what life looks like in Estonia. But how about we bring Estonia closer to your heart? ❤️
Did you know that Estonians are one of the least religious countries in the world? And that the first meal consumed in space was prepared in Estonia? Do you want to know what cool things Estonia has to offer? Then come join us at GenKlubi at 20:30! 🤗
We will start with a presentation introducing you to some common facts about Estonian culture, but also some that you might not have seen or heard 🧐. It might be important to pay attention to this, as there will also be a 🔥challenge🔥at the end. Winner of this challenge will be handsomely rewarded 🎁😎.
But what if you also want to feel Estonian culture within yourself? There will be a chance for you to unleash your inner Estonian! 🕺💃
During the event you can also have the chance to try some Estonian snacks and drinks. For this, please bring your own plate and cup to the event. 😊
(We will appreciate your effort to be environmental friendly🤗)
Please fill out the following form before you come to the event: . Then we know how much food to prepare.
❗️ Keep in mind that you also need to pay for the ticket on the spot by cash💶. ❗️
🤔WHAT: ESN Tartu Estonian Cultural Evening
📅WHEN: 03.10.2022 at 20:30
🏛️WHERE: Genialistide klubi / Magasini 5
💲HOW MUCH: 3€ with ESNcard / 5€ without ESNcard (on the spot in cash)
❓QUESTIONS: Balázs Ágrez (FB) /