15 märts
P*ssy Jam Comedy
🐱 P*ssy Jam Comedy is coming to TARTU!
🍥 Join us for 2 hours of Stand-up in English with comedians of various styles and experience try out new material or perfect their sets. This is your chance to hear raw, unfiltered comedy that might not ever be repeated 😃
💶The show is in the Pay What You Want format — you can pay as much or as little as you wish.💡But be warned — the fuller the jar, the funnier the jokes!
👭👫👬 EVERYBODY IS WELCOME IN THE AUDIENCE! Even straight cis white men! 😸
👯‍♀️ But the stage is reserved for all the gender-alphabet-mafia of FLINTA* (
🙆 Contact us to sign up to perform! Be it your 1st or 100th time on stage – we are happy to see you in our midst sharing your stories, jokes, and perfecting your craft!
🔎 Stay tuned for the list of performers!
18:30 Doors
19:00-19:50 1st set
19:50-19:10 break
20:10-21:00 2nd set