11 juuli
Ratastel tätoveerijad: @barbiesundaytattoos, @ignoramus_maximus, @impossible_son, @_krlkrl_

Hello everyone!
The tattoo wizards at Crust-o are back at it again, this time with a takeover at Möku bar. Founded in 2021 and hidden somewhere between old Soviet factories, our studio aims to bring friendly, quality, and raw tattooing to everyone of legal age. Specializing in graphic, traditional, color, and blackwork tattooing, we boast a wide array of designs. There’s sure to be something for everyone!
Bring your beer, bring your mate, and get something to remember the summer of ’24 in Tartu.
Barbie (@barbiesundaytattoos)
Kristjan (@ignoramus_maximus)
Iisak (@impossible_son)
Kaarel (@_krlkrl_)
We look forward to seeing you there!