21 mai
The UN has been receiving more and more criticism on its inefficiency in tackling major challenges and crises – from climate change to armed conflicts. Is the UN really paralysed and just a “talking-shop”? What are they actually doing and do we even need it at this point?
Join us for a thought-provoking dialogue with Minna-Liina Lind on what the UN can do and actually does against the backdrop of all the criticism and delve deeper with us into the complexities surrounding the UN’s role.
Minna- Liina Lind, the Undersecretary for Global Affairs at the Estonian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MFA) has been working at the MFA since 2004. She has dealt with UN issues both in the political department of the MFA and while working at the Estonian mission at the UN in New York. As deputy head of the mission, she was responsible for the UN Security Council campaign in 2014-2018.