05 märts
RSRis teemaks: EL laienememine
The Society of International Relations invites you to a panel discussion on the prospective enlargement of the European Union. The discussion will delve into which candidate countries are likely to become member states, the potential risks for current member states, and Russia’s position on the enlargement. The implications of this stance as a possible threat to the EU will also be explored.
The panelists are all representatives from the Johan Skytte Institute for Political Studies – Piret Ehin (PhD), Stefano Braghiroli (PhD), and Dmytro Khutkyy. Piret Ehin is a Professor of Comparative Politics and serves as the Deputy Director for Research at the institute, with a specialisation in European studies. Stefano Braghiroli is an Associate Professor of European Studies, whose expertise lies in Euro-skepticism and voting behavior. Dmytro Khutkyy, the Head of the University of Tartu Ukraine Center, is an e-governance researcher with a focus on social change and governance in Ukraine.
The discussion will be moderated by Solveig Joanna Niitra, a former member of our organisation. The discussion will be conducted in English.